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Mayan Maze embarks you on a quest for an ancient's civilization treasure
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Mayan Maze is a challenging game developed by Sahmon Games, that embarks you on a quest for an ancient's civilization treasure. The game features an original gameplay, combining some elements of brick busting games with match 3 mechanics.

In search for ancient treasures, one has to go through different locations and levels trying to match colored spheres and collecting money. The idea is to prevent the chain of spheres falling into the skeleton. To do so, you have to move the pad and shoot a ball into the row to make it form a match of at least three same-colored spheres.

The game is really interesting as this original gameplay adds a bit more of difficulty and variation to the somehow repetitive conventional match 3 game. The row of balls moves on at a speed that requires quick reflexes and a very precise shot.

Another interesting point about Mayan Maze is that there are plenty of power ups, which at moments are more than necessary. For example, there is a bomb that will clear from the screen groups of spheres at a time, another which will stop the chain for a moment, and one that will reverse the direction of the chain for a few seconds.

Graphics are great, as well as the animations and visual effects. Music is also very enjoyable, and the shooting sounds are really powerful. One more thing, it is completely free.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Great graphics and music
  • Challenging and fun
  • Original gameplay


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